Digital scales come in different designs and styles. For example, the weight scale feature exclusive technology that helps to provide different weight readings successfully. These scales help you manage and monitor the process of weight loss at the comfort of your home. Some provide translations for weight while others can offer fat mass, bone mass, and also water mass results in the body. On the other hand, the kitchen scales come with different measuring methods, which range from pounds, ounces, Oz, and even milliliters for liquids. This article features the top ten best weight scale for weight watchers and kitchen use.

1. Elekcity Food Digital Kitchen Scale Weight Grams

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If you need a scale that can monitor your cooking for weight loss journey, then get this amazing Elekcity digital scale. It features strong and sturdy material for durability purposes. The whole structure is stainless steel material that is coated to prevent it from corrosion or rusting. Hence, even if you spill water on the scale, it will not rust. It is reliable in terms of weighing since you can measure food of as small amount as 1 gram and up to 6 grams. Other than measuring the weight of the food, you can also use it to measure volumes such as milk or water. It has a stable base design to prevent it from wobbling when placed on the table and to provide accurate readings as well. This scale is powered by triple A batteries.

2. Nice well Food Digital Kitchen Scale

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This is another kitchen scale worth considering for measuring your foodstuff. It features a small and slim design, and therefore it does not take much space in the storage station or the working table. You can utilize this weighing scale when cooking or baking since it measures even small quantities of foods ranging from 1gram to around 11 pounds. The scale is quite easy to use and provides fast and accurate measurements, even when adding more products on the scale. The large LCD provides visible readings for quick monitoring of the measured ingredients. Cleaning and maintaining this scale is convenient, thanks to the stainless steel design.

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Other than measuring the weight and volume of the foodstuff, this scale works for tare calculations. This means that you can easily add or subtract as you continue weighing. The scale has tempered glass that protects it from heavy forces in case you accidentally drop it, and the LCD screen has the anti-fingerprint for easy cleaning.

3. INEVIFITDigital Kitchen Scale

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If you need a heavyweight digital scale for your commercial businesses such as bakery or Walmarts, then the INEVIFIT digital scale is the perfect option. It features a strong and sturdy design to accommodate heavy food ingredients. The scale is flexible in use, such that you can use it to measure and weigh different foods. Nutritionists recommend it since it closely allows you to track the food and nutrient levels you put in your body. With INEVIFIT digital scale, you can comfortably measure even the smallest quantities of foods as required by a nutritionist.

It is super light in weight for easy moving around, and the LCD screen provides clear and accurate readings. Note that you can use this scale to measure liquids since it has milliliters option ideal for measuring water and milk. This scale is powered by batteries and has an automatic shut off when not use to save battery power.

4. American Weigh AWS Series Digital Pocket Scale

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This is one of the most durable and versatile scales on the market. The sale can work to measure different products in different capacities. You can use the scale to measure the food ingredients in grams, ounces, troy ounces, and even dwt. The pack comes with a 10-year warranty for quality assurance. Using the scale is quite easy and convenient since the screen provides digits in large sizes for comfortable viewing by all. You can also travel with this digital scale as it is small in size and folds to a small size for convenience in fitting in the pocket.

5. Elekcity Stainless steel Digital Body Weight Scale

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Monitor your weight loss journey with this amazing digital body weight scale. It features a large LCD screen so you can easily view the weight digits at first glance. You can comfortably use this scale in the bathroom as it is durable and rust-resistant. Even if the scale gets water splash, all you need to do is wipe off the water. The scale is strong to withstand a person weighing up to400 pounds ideal for the majority of average persons. Weight gurus recommend this Elekcity scale because it provides great accuracy of up to 4 times better than other digital scales. The screen has a backlit that provides a proper reading of the digitals even when the scale is used in a poorly lit area.

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Using this scale is quite easy since it automatically displays the bodyweight on the screen the moment you step on it. A pair of triple-A GP batteries power the scale, and the package comes to the batteries. Another feature you will love about this scale is the auto shut mode, where the scale locks when not in use, auto-calibration, and low battery notification. The scale to measure in both pounds and Kgs.

6. GreatorGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale

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The scale comes in different colours for you to choose the colour that matches your kitchen decor. It is one of the best weight watchers food scales for people working hard to lose weight by eating the right food portions. You can utilize it when measuring your ingredients and foodstuff in either grams or ounces. This scale can measure food ingredients from as low as 1 gram to up to 110 grams. So, it is a great scale for home use. The scale comes with a warranty in case of a technical hitch on the first days of using it. Another great trait of this scale that you would love is the pocket-friendly price. The scale retails from around 9 to 12dollars.

7. Ozeri ZK 14-S pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen Food Scale

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This is another great all-round scale for kitchen you. You can utilize this scale when measuring both solid and liquid foods in the kitchen. It is light in weight for easy lifting. It is easy and fast, plus its retail price is fair. This scale provides a reading of foodstuff weighing from as low as 1 grams up to 11 grams. It has a large LCD screen that provides large and clear readings. The scale measures the ingredients in different capacities such as grams, pounds, ounces, milliliters, and even OZ. The scale works perfectly for bakers and weight watchers. This scale provides accurate readings because it subtracts any additional weight added by a bowl. The scale has an automatic shut off when not in use for two minutes and tree.

8. WW Scales By Conair Bluetooth Body Analysis Bathroom Scale

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If you want to get the accurate and details related to your weight loss journey, get this scale from Conair. It measures weight, body water, bone mass, and even body fat. So, you can easily monitor and measure the total body changes you make in intervals. The scale is substantial and can withstand people weighing up to 400 pounds, and it is compatible with iOS and Android devices for easy monitoring of weight loss. It is ideal to use in the bathroom since it is easy to clean, and the material cannot rust or corrode when touched by moist. The LCD screen has an LED light for illumination when using the scale at night or in a poorly lit area. The presence of the nine user feature recognitions provides you with details about your weight loss. Three triple A batteries power this scale

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9. Salter’s Conversion Digital Kitchen Scales

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 This is one of the most durable and recommendable Walmart weight scales in the market. It is versatile in use, and it works for baking and other cooking methods since it measures the ingredients correctly. This scale is easy to clean since it has a smooth finish that is easy to wipe off. The scale is durable and comes with a 15-year warranty for quality assurance against any defects. The LCD screen is large and has backlit for excellent display of the measured digits. This kitchen scale can measure both dry and liquid ingredients required for cooking.

10. Weight Watchers Ultra slim electronic Scale

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Although this scale features a glass structure, it is quite sturdy and robust to accommodate a person weighing up to 400 pounds. You can also use the scale as a luggage weight scale. The front area features a large LCD screen that provides an excellent and clear display of the weight digits. You can use the scale to measure weight in kilograms and pounds for easy monitoring of your body weight. Maintaining it is easy since you can wipe off any dirt using a wet cloth.


These are reviews of the top best weight watcher scales that you can use in the kitchen and bathroom for weight watching. They feature a robust design and provide excellent readings of the measured weight and capacities. If you are buying a weight watcher scale, make sure to check your pressure to ensure you choose the weight watcher scales that will accommodate your weight. You can also opt for advanced weight watcher scales that provide measurements of body fat and mass for accurate weight Loss monitoring. If you need a kitchen scale that you can use for multiple cooking methods, choose a weight watcher scales that you can utilize to measure and weigh different food products, including liquids.