Every home needs a Magnetic Screen Doors to help in many ways. One can use them to give your home a fresh feeling because it allows the breeze in. Other than that, they can be used to prevent entry of pesky bugs and pests. Some also use the magnetic door screen as a natural air conditioner. As a natural air conditioner, they can be used to regulate room temperature as it brings a cool breeze during summer and keeps the warm when it is cold outside. Apart from all that, most if not all the Magnetic Screen Doors are hands free meaning that you do not have to open them manually. The following are 10 of the best Magnetic Screen Doors;

1. Flux phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door Home Depot

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This is a one of kind magnetic screen door that fit a door frame of 38 by 82 inches. This mesh lining of this magnet door has the ability to prevent entry of harmful insects from entering your home. To add on to that, the door is also easy to install and detach. The material it is made from does not scratch easily hence showcases the strength and durability. The door is also kid and pet friendly because it is light in nature. Because of the hands free approach no locks are required.

Key features of Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

  •  The hook and loop technique eases the install
  • The mesh lining prevents insects from entering the house
  •  Made from a light material
  •  Both kid and child friendly
  •  Does not allow dents or scratches.

2. Augo Magnetic Screen Door lowes

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The door fits a frame of 38 by 83 inches. The polyester Augo Magnetic screen door is made from prevents damage on the screen door. Other than the durability, the door keeps out insects and pests while bringing in more fresh air in the process. It is lined with magnet all through the length of the strip making it more secure and prevents it from being blown away by wind. Furthermore the hands free approach is used which makes it easier to use even when you are carrying things with both hands. It is both kid and pet friendly since easy to use and light.

Key features of Augo magnetic screen door

  • made from a durable material
  • more secure because of the number of magnets it has
  • both kid and pet friendly
  • keeps away insects
  • is easy to install
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3. Homitt Magnetic Door Screen

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It can fit a door frame or 39 by 83 inches. It has an automatic closing mechanism because of the fitted magnets. Applies the hook and loop method which makes the screen more secure and ensures that it does not fall off due to strong winds. It is unique because of the heavy mesh it is covered by which makes it more durable and is able to withstand harsh chemicals. Apart from durability, the heavy mesh makes the screen capture even more insects preventing their entry to your home. Homitt designs its magnetic screen doors to have gravity sticks that get attracted to the magnetic all enhancing the security the door provides.

Key features of Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

  • It is secure
  • Has a heavy mesh material
  • It has built in gravity sticks
  • Uses the hook and loop technique

4. Magnetic Thermal Insulated Door Curtain Best Magnetic Screen door

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This is a unique magnetic door as the name suggests. The thermal part keeps out cold air and retains the warm air which is an advantage because it maintains your home’s normal temperatures. The material an Eva Eco friendly material which is a high quality plastic, prevents scratches and in not toxic. This material also allows the penetration of natural light and provides maximum privacy. The thermal curtain is also easy to install. It does not require any machines or tools and it can also be detached just as easily. The thermal curtain brings in all the natural light you could ask for.

Key features of Magnetic Thermal Insulated Door Curtains

  • made from EVA material
  • non toxic
  • keeps the house warm
  • easy to install and detach
  • provides privacy

5. Magic Mesh

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Magic mesh is a screen door that fits a frame of 83 by 39 inches. It is hands free which is convenient even when your hands are not free, you can easily access the inside or outside. It is quite strong because of the fitted magnets all through the heavy mesh. The magnetic closure is possible because of all the strong magnets lined on. Pests and insects are kept at bay outside while giving you and your family the best the outdoors offers. The doors are easy to install because no machines or tools are needed to accomplish. The door can be easily stored when it is not being used.

Key features of Magic Mesh

  • Promises easy installation and detachment
  • Easy to store or put away
  • Pesky pests and insects are prevented
  • It is hands free
  • Promises strength and durability

6. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

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It fits a door frame of 34 by 82 inches. It is fitted with 26 magnets giving it unbeatable strength. This makes it unmoved even by strong winds. It has a heavy mesh that prevents entry of pests and insects from entering your home. Comes with easy installations and removal and does require any tools to do this. The children can be able to make their way through this door because it is hands free and light. Your pets are also thought of when this screen door was being manufactured. Your pets can use this door with ease. Scratches and marks are not easily visible

Key features of iGotTech Magnetic Door

  • has a heavy mesh that prevents entry of insects and pests
  • Quite easy to install and remove
  • Very strong because of the 26 magnets
  • Ability to withstand strong winds

7. Homitt ( upgraded version) magnetic screen door

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This upgraded Homitt comes with a full frame hook and loop method that ensures that the screen door does not fall off because it is sticky. Homitt provides extra pins to help you secure the screen door even more. The door comes with 26 magnetic pieces that makes it more secure and therefore cannot be damaged by strong winds. Furthermore, the upgraded Homitt comes fitted with extra gravity sticks which continue to aid with its strength and durability. It is pet friendly meaning they can access the door easily. Finally, adds more fresh air to your home making it feel like you are in the outdoor but without the pesky pests.

Key features of the upgraded version of Homitt

  • It comes with more magnetic pieces
  • the gift of more gravity sticks
  • Fitted with a heavy mesh
  • Suites your pets
  • It keeps out pesky insects

8. IKSTAR insulated magnetic door curtain

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It is made from EVA material that is a non toxic plastic that brings in natural light. The material provides privacy and is durable. EVA plastic does not show scratches or dents. To add on to that, the hook and loop technique is used z. Let ewhich does not allow the magnetic door to fall off. The middle of the curtain is seamless which makes the curtain easy to open and close. The door is child friendly because it opens with ease and is light. The material of the curtain keeps your home warm during the winter and cool in the summer times.

Key features of IKSTAR

  • Made from EVA material
  • Easy to use
  • Has a seamless partition
  • Employees the hook and loop technique

9. Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

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This magnetic door is fitted with magnets which are sewn in to automatically close to the door and open them hands free. The door is versatile and can be used on any type of door from the basic house door to an RV door. The sewn in magnets also prevent the door from being blown by the wind. The mesh lining prevents insects from coming into the house providing all the fresh air you may need. You do not need to open the door for your pets or small children because it has an easy walk through.

Features of Apalus Magnetic screen door

  • Both of them are child and pet friendly
  • Comes with sewn in magnets
  • It allows in all the fresh air you need while keeping away pests.
  • versatile and can serve different types of doors.

10. IKSTAR thermal insulated door curtains

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This door curtain is made from EVA material that provides natural light and privacy. It also maintains the room’s normal temperature by keeping the winter at home warm and the summer at home cool. This curtain door can be fitted in the kitchen doorway to prevent the smells cooking from traveling all through the house. Finally it closes immediately after you leave because of the magnetic parts. No insects or pests can pass through the mesh.

Features of IKSTAR thermal insulated door curtains

  • They provide natural air conditioning
  • prevents odors from outside to get inside the house
  • prevents insects from getting into you home


Summary for the best screen door

When it comes to picking the best screen door for your home you have to settle for one that will serve you the longest. This means pick one with the best material. For comfort, choose a Magnetic Screen Doors that will give you peace while at home, the one which gives you the most natural light and fresh air while keeping away insects.

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