The following list is an ultimate comparison amongst the Verizon Smartphone in 2019 At the end of the day, all the options listed here include great terminals and one can’t say that they’re too far apart from each other. All have strong arguments in their favor as the Smartphone market is full of options – great ones – at great prices. It’s up to the consumer to try them and focus on their strong points versus what they really care most about. For ones, a great camera will do it and the Verizon Smartphone would take the crown. For others, the premium build of the Verizon Smartphone and its fast performance are the appeal.

#5 – Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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Samsung does a lot right. The Note 10 is a perfect example of what a topnotch phone should look and feel like. Its light weight and amazing design will surely make people notice what a great piece of engineering the Samsung is. It’s fast and slick, appealing mostly to its business users but one that has something for everyone.

The only letdown is the lack of any MicroSD expansion. It’s a considerable step above the S10 Plus and well worth the amazing $499 price tag for its 256gb unlocked version if you have a trade-in terminal.

#4 – OnePlus7 Pro

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OnePlus stormed the always very competitive smartphone market when it first launched. Its OnePlus7 Pro is no disappointment and is well entitled a place in this list. A slick design and its 30W fast charging will make it for the most demanding users. The display packs a 90Hz fluid experience that will make most smartphones seem like they belong in another decade. The device starts at $679 and is a great option for all users.

#3 – iPhone 11

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If you’re a fan of Apple – and why shouldn’t you be? – then the iPhone 11 is the right choice for the money. If you’re unsure about the winner’s arguments on this list, perhaps you should have a second look at the $699 64gb unlocked iPhone 11. You will save $300 and still get yourself an amazing smartphone. It replaces last year’s iPhone XR at its arguments and will appeal to almost everyone with its amazing battery life, great processing power and great camera. The only place where it falls short in comparison with the other contenders on this list is its screen which, though still great, falls slightly short of amazing. But then again, have a second look at that price tag!

#2 – Huawei P30 Pro

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A lot has been written about Huawei when it comes to politics, but the fact is that their phones are great, well priced and appealing. Its camera system is nothing short of legendary and it packs incredible autonomy. The Huawei P30 Pro makes great use of its Leica lenses, IA camera software and slick Android software that will appeal to most. Has an hybrid 10x zoom that doesn’t disappoint and is one of its strongest arguments.

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It is a strong contender to the top spot of any list for its quality build, its incredible camera, great battery life. It will be down to the consumer whether he likes Huawei’s Emui software or if he prefers something else. Huawei P30 Pro is currently on offer at $509 but expect to find it around the $700 tag.

#1 – iPhone 11 Pro

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Apple still knows how to do it. Fair enough to say its price tag starts at $999 in its 64gb entry-level option and goes up to a whooping $1499 in the iPhone 11 Pro Max+ in its 512gb option, which will put the average user off unless he’s happy to get a cheaper deal via its carrier.

The device packs the best camera ever to grace a smartphone, though the P30 Pro could use its own arguments against it.

Its display is slick and nothing short than amazing. Even though the battery starts at 3,046mAh (3,969mAh on the Max) which is almost less than most options present in Chinese competitors such as the 4,200mAh of the Huawei P30 Pro, its incredible performance management still does a great job at keeping you going for the day.

The iPhone 11 Pro improves on last year’s iPhone XS with a faster processor and better camera although if you can find a good deal, the XS is still a great terminal to own.